RPSharpe Imagery
2022 Nature Calendars

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All calendars are available on my Lulu author page Lulu.com/spotlight/RobertSharpe


"My work now involves being on social media more, the pandemic has meant adapting to and embracing the online presence. As an energy worker, healer and writer the work I put out had to resonate on a deep level. Images are aplenty but I wanted to use images with depth and meaning.

I have known Robert for a while and always admired his work. His photography captures something, the essence of the subject, be it animal or nature, there is a connection and it shows in his work. When I decide to write I look at Roberts website and can so easily see a story in his photos. Its the easiest thing to create a post around one of his images. One will always call me and then I let the words flow.

On social media images are important as its the visual aspect of being human,we are all pulled to images. I understand that its the first thing that captures the eye. I didn't want to use mass produced images, when I write from the heart it's important the image has the same heart So thanks to Robert I can share his beautiful work and write heart centred posts around his images Its a fantastic combination and I truly appreciate it. Many thanks Robert"

~ Sally Anne Saint, UK