Serenity: A Year of Waterlilies
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Waterlilies, with their delicate petals and serene presence, exude an enchanting beauty that captivates the beholder's gaze. Floating gracefully upon tranquil waters, these flowers seem to possess an ethereal quality, shrouded in mystique. Their exquisite colors, ranging from pure white to vibrant pinks and yellows, evoke a sense of serenity and purity. Waterlilies' intricate patterns and symmetrical designs reflect nature's flawless artistry, captivating the imagination and inspiring poets and painters alike. These enchanting blooms also hold cultural significance in various societies, symbolizing rebirth, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening.

This calendar contains the traditional USA holidays and dozens of special 'holidays' such as Parents Day, Grandparents Day, Chinese New Year, Forgiveness Day, Boss's Day, Take a Walk In The Park Day, Full/New Moons, Mercury Retrograde dates.

  • "I always look forward to your calendars, Robert! I have purchased them for the last few years and there is something to choose from for any taste :-) I personally keep one in my work cubicle, along with one at home. The work calendar always gets compliments! Co-workers will come around the corner to ask me something, then look up in mid-sentence, and say, "Hey! I like that calendar!" ~ Katie Winters

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