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Wedding Photography
"We have known Bob as a neighbor and friend for at leaset 2 years. We have been priviledged to see some of his beautiful pictures and calendars. He is a true genius when it comes to photography and capturing the beauty of his subjects. My only son got married at the end of September. My daughter-in-law was going to buy throw-away cameras and put them on the tables. I asked her if she minded if my husband and I hired a photographer. She had seen his work from a calendar we gave her and everyone else we knew! She was excited. I asked Bob if he would be the photographer. Although he had never photographed a wedding he agreed. The wedding was outside at Myrtle Beach State Park. He met with my son, his fiance, my husband and I and gave us a list of shots we may like to have. He was wonderful. Bob interacted with all the guests and not only took the shots we picked but many others. He captured the true beauty and meaning of their wedding day. The results included at least 200 printed photos, pictures to load on the computer and a video (photo video).  We were amazed and very pleased. He was better than any professional wedding photographer I had ever met. He can capture the true meaning of any event or occasion. Bob went way above our expectations. We highly recommend him for anytime you need a photographer. The bride's family, bride and groom, and us were amazed with is work and the beauty of his photography. Thank you Bob for giving us a lifetime of beautiful memories with the realisitc pictures, before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. We would definitely call on him anytime we need a photographer. These words don't do him justice. He is a true magician and genius with his photography." ~ Kathy & Bob, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Calendars (available at)
"I always look forward to your calendars, Robert! I have purchased them for the last few years and there is something to choose from for any taste :-) I personally keep one in my work cubicle, along with one at home. The work calendar always gets compliments! Co-workers will come around the corner to ask me something, then look up in mid-sentence, and say, "Hey! I like that calendar!" ~ Katie W., Laurens, South Carolina

Social Media Use
"My work now involves being on social media more, the pandemic has meant adapting to and embracing the online presence. As an energy worker, healer and writer the work I put out had to resonate on a deep level. Images are aplenty but I wanted to use images with depth and meaning. I have known Robert for a while and always admired his work. His photography captures something, the essence of the subject, be it animal or nature, there is a connection and it shows in his work. When I decide to write I look at Roberts website and can so easily see a story in his photos. Its the easiest thing to create a post around one of his images. One will always call me and then I let the words flow. On social media images are important as its the visual aspect of being human,we are all pulled to images. I understand that its the first thing that captures the eye. I didn't want to use mass produced images, when I write from the heart it's important the image has the same heart So thanks to Robert I can share his beautiful work and write heart centred posts around his images Its a fantastic combination and I truly appreciate it. Many thanks Robert" ~ Sally Anne Saint, UK